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In February 2016 Cheniere’s Sabine Pass first commissioning cargo left its LNG (liquefied natural gas) export facility. The available data, in this article’s graphic, shows where these exports were destined for the first four months of operation. The export countries are diverse. Seven export countries have received at least one cargo. Only Brazil has received more than one cargo. Four cargoes have been sent to South America, two to the Middle East, one to Europe and one to India. Drivers in this diverse LNG sendout are driven by a diverse contract holders and export country gas prices received by these contract holders. Capacity holders in the first tranche of capacity sold by Cheniere include Shell (then BG), Gas Natural (now Gas Natural Fenosa or GNF), KOGAS, and GAIL. Shell and GNF (and possibly KOGAS) are portfolio LNG companies and can direct their LNG liftings at Sabine Pass to locations throughout the world. These portfolio trades have led the to the exports to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Kuwait, Portugal and UAE. Only GAIL can be legitimately tied to the export to India. Cheniere has a total of six trains under construction and a seventh under consideration. As Cheniere’s LNG trains finish construction, exports will grow and more diverse exports to these and other countries can be expected.


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